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  • We provide all the necessary items for rental and more!
    All maintenance, road tax and legal Commercial Insurance are included Accessories: All bikes will have a phone holder included! For all 2B/2A Vespas, we include a helmet under the seat as standard.
  • Fuss-Free Pick up anytime!
    Fuss-Free pick up in Central location! (Jurong East Location currently in beta, hence lesser availability) Renters will be given access to pick up their bikes 24/7 using our remote access technology. This is after the booking contract and payment has been completed! The location will be a carpark 2 minutes walk from Toa Payoh MRT. (More detailed information will be given upon booking confirmation). We are starting to put some bikes in the west side so please do get in touch to see if we can provide a pickup at that side!
  • Insurance to cover you & maintaining a clean insurance record!
    Our insurance covers any age! However, at least 1 year of riding experience is required (Experience can be local or foreign license). No P-Plates unfortunately : (, although if you are renting for a longer duration (>3 months, it is possible if you topup $150 for P-Plate insurance) We pride ourselves to find the most cost-efficient manner to deal with accidents as we understand it is not a pleasant experience. To date, we have yet to claim the insurance on our bikes after more than 2 years in operation and we intend to continue that streak! We do so by investing in good quality tyres (Michelin, Pirelli) to give maximum grip for all our bikes. However, in the event of a total loss of vehicle /& hitting a third party, the excess amount does not exceed $3000. This means you will not pay anything more than $3000
  • Easiest Booking Process (<10 mins from your phone)
    We have 2 easy way of booking 1. Automated Website Booking (<10 minutes) i) Head to ii) Input your date to check on availability iii) Accept our contract terms and complete the payment (CC or Debit Card) iv) Go to Email to access the link to furnish your details for verification v) Receive access to your bike as well as the pickup location! vi) Head over anytime you wish to pick up your bike! 2. Manual Whatsapp Booking Process i) Hit us up on WhatsApp via ii) Let us know a) bike you're keen on b) which date to start c) How long iii) Confirmation of ii. iv) Filling up and signing of contract form & completing payment (pay now) v) Receive access to your bike as well as the pickup location! vi) Head over anytime you wish to pick up your bike!
  • We give long term rental perks!
    As we price all our 2b bikes equally! All long term renters (>2 weeks) will be able to swap bikes when the bike of their choice is available! Change to a different color vespa or a modified version. If you feel like going faster, get your hand on the manual KTM (fastest 2b bike).
  • Can I enter Malaysia with this bikes?
    Unfortunately, at the moment we do not allow for the bikes to be ridden into Malaysia. This is due to the high robbery rate that puts the renters at risk of liable for any loss of the vehicle. We apologise for this!
  • Who do I contact in the event of emergencies
    WhatsApp via
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