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MotorMBS (Airbnb for bikes)

MotorMBS is the Airbnb for Motorcycles. Earn extra income by renting out your motorcycle that is not in use, all from the comfort of your home carpark. Or even buy the bike you always wanted and have them rented out to maintain them!

Or if you are looking to finally own that dream motorbike of yours, but you thought you never will ride it, this is your chance to own your dream bike without the financials setback!

Why share your bike on MotorMBS?


Contactless and Hassle Free Pickups/Drop Offs

Safety in the hands of Motormoments

First Scheme to obtain returns on your vehicle

Motormoments has unique key access technology that enables you to simply park your bike at the designated spot in a multistory carpark (closest to you) and let the system take care of the whole rental process.


When you need to use the bike, just head over and access the key to continue to use your own bike!

Safety of the assets and the riders are our number 1 priority and hence we have built systems to verify riders age and riding experience to enable them to be compliant with the insurance. 

We also build up a database and signal out blacklisted riders that may put your motorbike at additional risk. This way, we keep the riders and the motorbikes safe!

With the ability to share your motorbike, you will be able to finally have a way to get returns on your motorbike. Turn your motorbike ownership from a liability to an asset!


Why bear all the cost of owning the motorbike when you are able to get returns on them when they are unused! Finally you have reasons to own that dream bike of yours!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process of listing my bike on motorMBS

Simply do these few steps!

  • Visit <link>

  • Register your interest easily with your name, email, contact number and vehicle make and model

  • The Motormoments Team will contact interested owners within 2-3 working days to answer any additional questions and for the signing of agreement

  • Upon successful signup, a couple of administrative steps including vehicle insurance, photo taking and installation of security devices will be required.

What are the costs and returns involved in renting out my motorbike on MotorMBS?

For our early beta-testers, we will be charging $150/Month subscription (minimum 3 months) to access advertising, card authorisation capabilities (similar to big rental companies), security of the bike as well as easy fuss free key access. 

For reference,  2B bikes are able to on average achieve anywhere from $300-$700 SGD in monthly rental when rented out (depending on the amount of rental duration). 

Dents and Scratches to the Vehicles?

Motormoments Team will investigate the damages and if the renter is liable, we will extract the necessary compensation to enable your vehicle to be repaired.

What can I expect from putting my motorbike on MotorMBS?

Access a rental base that takes care of your motorbike when they rent. Seamless key access technology to rent out your bike without you having to be there and great legal protection in the unlikely event that any incidents occur. As a company, Motormoments have not claimed any motor vehicle insurance in the past 3 years, showing the low accident rate as well as our willingness and ability to work out arrangements with renters who unfortunately have incidents. 

Fixed pricing of the rental for class 2B and 2A motorbikes provides easy estimation of rental returns based on the duration that it is rented out!

What benefits do I get as an early beta renter?

As an early beta rentee, you will be able to put your bike on the market earlier and have a greater exclusivity to the region and the model that you choose to put out. This brings great returns to your bike!

*SPECIAL* for early beta-testers, If the rental returns do not exceed $150 for the month, we will only charge whatever amount that has been collected for that month.

Will my motorbike be covered by insurance?

Definitely! Motorbikes will have to be insured under the Motormoments Company in order to access insurances that will cover potential renters. The extent of insurance can be decided by you to see how much you will like to cover your bike!

Alex Tan, SG Bukit Batok (Ducati Monster)

MotorMBS is an innovative and effective motorcycle rental service that I have had great experience with. Their team works quickly and efficiently to ensure that your rental needs are met, no matter the size. With its intuitive system, MotorMBS makes it easy to find and rent the perfect motorcycle for your next adventure.
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